Mack McFarland & Nan Curtis



Recalling the Future & Imagining a Past - PNCA Faculty Biennial

12’ x 5’ x 10’

Spaces we routinely occupy and traverse become known quantities in our lives, the details recede as our impression takes over. This is a phenomenon particularly crippling to artists and curators who repeatedly work in the same exhibition space. As our time inhabiting 1241 NW Johnson comes to a close, we, (Curtis and McFarland) who have each installed several exhibitions and personal projects, have collaborated in a gestural exercise to counter the complacency of seeing a space again and again.    Skinning removes the drywall from one of the Swigert Commons’ architectural features, making visible the supports of the space, and interrupting the banality of our repetitive encounters with this wall. Skinning is as much homage to the Commons as it is an affront to it.  Though we are exposing its bones, making it vulnerable, we are too peeling away at the mental block we have all developed while passing through and sitting within the cavernous expanse of the Commons, providing a new perspective of this space.