Mack McFarland is an independent artist and curator who creates a home in Portland, OR. His current focus examines experimental formalism and looks at dissent aesthetics and its relationship to Utopian thought. His works aim to develop a space for the viewer to experience an intersection of visceral aesthetic and cognation. These explorations manifest in the form of exhibitions, postcards, and sculptures. He has exhibited nationally and internationally; screening videos at Pixelodeon Festival at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, the La Enana Marron Film and Video Festival in Madrid, and at Cine Fantom in Moscow.  McFarland has also created works for the Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts’ Time-Based Art Festival, and a three-month-long project for the Tacoma Art Museum, which Sheila Farr of the Seattle Times called “startling, nutty, and technologically relevant.” McFarland has been quoted as saying, “Wherever I am, I’m making.” His post-studio mantra has taken him to archives, karaoke microphones, canoes, and into his studio.

Mack McFarland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Exhibition Record 


o Grand Detour, Portland, OR. phenomenon as revelation, 2010 

o The White Gallery at Portland State University, Portland, OR. 10ft Pole Drawings, 2009 

o New America Art Union, Portland OR.  As part of The Video Gentlemen, BYOTV, 2008 

o Portland Art Center, Portland OR. Preparations, 2007 

o Higgins Gallery, Portland, OR. Culture for Robots, 2006 

o Interactive Media Gallery, Portland, OR. Light Lover, 2005      

o Resource Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Return, 2003 

O Artist Television Access, San Francisco, CA. Trickle Down, 2002


Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art,  Disjecta, Portland, OR, 2012

o IN(ter)DEPENDENCE, Place Gallery, Portland, OR, 2011 

o Graphomania, Garbageman Astronaut Project Space, Portland, OR, 2010 

o Polterzeitgeist Persists. As Part of Weird-Fiction, Grand Detour, Portland, OR, 2010 

o Standing Room Only, The Art Gym, Portland, OR, 2009 

o Surface Tension, Gallery Homeland, Portland, OR, 2008 

o Selections from ATA Film & Video Festival, Cine Fantom, Moscow, Russia, 2008 

o Artist Television Access Video Fest, San Francisco, CA, 2008 

o Selections from ATA Film & Video Festival, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA, 2008 

o Eyes and Ears Pacific Vortex, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, Olympia , WA, 2008  

o 8th Northwest Biennial, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA, 2007 

o Do No Harm vs Step Up, New American Art Union, Portland OR, 2007 

o 4th Monkey Town Semiennial, Monkey Town, Brooklyn, NY, 2007 

o Pixelodeon Festival, The American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA, 2007 

o The PDX Film Festival, Portland  OR, 2007         

o La Enana Marron Film and Video Festival, Madrid, Spain, 2007 

o Artist Television Access Video Fest, San Francisco, CA, 2007 

o Wooden Octopus Skull Experimental Music Festival, Seattle, WA, 2006 

o TBA:06 Festival, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR, 2006 

o Vent Tent, Public Performance with San Keller. Portland, OR, 2006 

o The Great American Store(age), Spring Gallery, Dumbo, NY, 2006 

o Night, New Nothing Cinema, San Francisco, CA, 2006.  

o Bayennale 2005, Bay Area, CA, 2005 

o Money, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, WA, 2005 

o Night of the Living Dead Media, Diva Gallery, Eugene, OR, 2005 

o Collaged Cinema, The Know, Portland, OR, 2004 

o Light Therapy, Gallery Co. 7, Portland, OR, 2004 

o Bunny! Blazo Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2003 

o Dada Day, Build Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2002 


2010  Independent Curators International - Curatorial Intensive: Curating in the Public Realm   

2006  Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR  

2002  Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA 

1996  United States Navy Photography Training, NAS Oceana, VA 


2012  Project Grant from Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, OR

2011  Andy Warhol Foundation grant for a six-exhibition series at PNCA.  

2009  Project Grant from Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, OR.  

2007  New American Art Union Couture (2008-09) grant.  

2007  Paul G. Allen Family Foundation grant for Cultures in Conflict series at PNCA.   


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2006-present Curator for Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR 


   Intermation: Jacob Ciocci, Cassandra C. Jones and Marieke Verbiesen. July 2011  

Sorted Books, Nina Katchadourian. September 2010  

George Johanson: Seven Decades of Painting. October 2010  

The Great Recession, Michael Mandiberg. April 2010  

BEAUTIES:  Recent Drawings by Robert Hanson. January 2009 

Brian Lund: New Works. September 2009 

Graphic Articles: Joe Sacco. January 2008 

At Freedomʼs Door. Arvie Smith, Adriene Cruz and Joan Gaither. February 2008  

EVAPORATION / PERCOLATION: The Works of Lucinda Parker. November 2008 

OUTGROWN (Tracks and Shadows). Regina Silveira. Co-curated with Christy Wyckoff September 2007

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